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Frequently Asked Questions

No web site can ever fully explain a service to everyone. There are always some questions that different people will want answers to. Below are some of the more frequent questions that get asked but, should your query not be covered, please contact Sally direct.

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What is the difference between exclusive and the non-exclusive service?
An exclusive service means that any photographs or images produced can only be used for the requirements of the client or for advertising Sally Jane Photographic Art.  No copies will be sold to any other individual.  The client may order further copies or cards but on one else can.  Exclusive pet portraits are charged at the full rate.
A non-exclusive service means that any photographs or images produced may be used for other retail purposes in connection with Sally Jane Photographic Art.  For this reason the cost of this service is reduced by 1/3rd.
In either case the copyright of the images remains the property of Sally Jane Turner.

Do I need to pay anything up front?
Payment for the photoshoot is payable at the time of the photoshoot. Payment for any portraits will not be required until after the proof images have been accepted.

Can I have more than one pet on a portrait?
Yes.  In this case both pets will be photographed individually and digitally superimposed onto a single portrait.  There is an extra charge for this service.  See the pet portrait price guide for further information and special offers.

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Do I get to select the photograph that is used for the final portrait?   
Yes. You will be given a CD containing small versions of all the images taken during the photoshoot. You will be able to make your selection from this however, Sally may suggest a shortlist of images she feels would work best just to help you. The final choice is entirely up to you, you do not need to select any in her short list if you don't like them.

Can I use the photographs on the CD? The images on the CD will be small versions of everything I take during the photoshoot excluding any that are unusable due to poor focus or exposure problems etc. They will be scaled down so that their longest side will measure 600 pixels. Although small this size will be ideal for posting on the internet. These photos will be clear of watermarks but the copyright remains with Sally Jane Photographic Art and where ever these images are used you are required to acknowledge this by stating 'Photographs by Sally Jane Photographic Art'. The images may not be used for commercial use without the express permission of Sally Jane Photographic Art.

What happens if none of the photographs taken are suitable for digital enhancement?
On the day of the photo shoot a large number of images will be taken of each pet.  Despite this there is always a small possibility that the shoot fails to produce any that are suitable, usually as a result of poor light.  In this event you will be contacted so another shoot can be arranged free of charge. 

I understand the photo shoot will be outside, what happens if the weather is bad?
Really sharp images with good definition and detail rely on descent weather and light.  This is particularly important where the pet is required to be photographed in motion.  If the forecast for the shoot looks unpromising you will be contacted by phone to arrange it for another time or you may choose to take take a rain check on it yourself by contacting Sally first.

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Can you create pet portraits from photographs I have taken? I already have some really good photos of my pet, can you work from these?
I do not recommend this because taking a photograph for a portrait is often different to taking one for your photograph album, however, I recognise that it is not always practical or possible to arrange a photo shoot for your pet. If you have a high quality digital image that has not been edited I may be able to use it. Scanned images or highly compressed digital jpeg images are generally not suitable. Please go to read the section on photograph submission or contact Sally for further information.

Can I or my child be pictured with my pet?
I'm not really a people photographer so I prefer not to include people but exceptions can be made to this under certain circumstances. Please contact me direct about this. Please note that where a person is included in a portrait it will need to be an Exclusive service and the person will be classed as an extra 'pet' for purposes of pricing the portrait.

Can you photograph any pet?
Fish would pose a problem but apart from that any animal that can stay still long enough for a photograph should be fine.  Cats can be tricky unless they are used to relaxing in the company of strangers.

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My pet has some blemishes, can these be removed in the portrait?
Yes, most marks or blemishes can be easily removed.  In some cases even head collars on horses can be taken out if not too obscuring.

How long will it take to produce the pet portrait?
The proof images should be with you for approval within two weeks of the shoot, often sooner.  Where possible this will be e-mailed to you.  An invoice for the balance of the fee will accompany this.  Once the proof has been accepted and the invoice paid the print will be sent to you within a couple of days, however, where changes are required this may take a little longer. 

What happens if I do not like the proof image?
The proof image is a lower resolution version of the final image so may not appear as clear or sharp as the final, full resolution version.  If, having taken this into account, you are not happy with the image please contact Sally and explain the reason.  It may be possible to change it to your requirements.  Should you still not be satisfied then you can cancel the order and there will be nothing further to pay. 

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How much do you charge for traveling?
For journeys up to 10 miles radius of Elmley Castle, Pershore, Worcestershire, traveling is free. 
10 and 15 miles the charge is £13
15 to 25 miles - £15
25 to 35 miles - £21
35 to 45 miles - £27
45 to 55 miles - £33
Add £6 for every additional 10 mile bracket.

How much is the postage & packing?
UK Postage & packing is charged at £3.50 for one standard portrait, £6 for one large portrait. £1 for every additional portrait in the same package.  Postage is by Royal Mail first class delivery.

For USA the cost is £12 for a standard size portrait and £17 for a large portrait. Please ask for a quote for multiple orders. Price correct at time of web site update but subject to change. Postal method is Royal Mail Airsure small packet service and should take 4 days.

Other countries - Please ask for a quote.

What happens if my portrait gets damaged in the post?
Your pet portrait will be guaranteed.  If you portrait arrives damaged contact Sally immediately.  Please photograph the packaging and the damage caused to the portrait. You may need to return the portrait but postage will be refunded.  A new portrait will be sent to you on its return.

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I ordered some greetings cards from you when you delivered the portrait.  Will I be able to buy more cards at a future date?
Of course, additional packs of cards can be ordered at any time.  Minimum number is 10 cards and envelopes.  See the Cards web page for details and price.

There is a pet portrait I have seen on your web site that I really like.  Can I purchase a copy of it?
Yes.  All pet portrait displayed on this site are for general sale unless they are marked as Exclusive. They will be sold as re-prints at a flat price of £30 each for standard size and £40 for a large size portrait. Please contact Sally to purchase any of them explaining which image you are interested in.

I have seen some cards on your web site that I like.  Can I order some?
Yes.  All cards featured on this web site are available for general sale.  See the Cards web page for details and price.

Can the cards be customised with special greetings or are they just left as note-lets? Any message can be placed on the front or inside the cards. You may even select different messages for each card ordered if required. Please state what greeting or message you would like in the cards when ordering.

I was given a pet portrait gift voucher nearly a year ago and it is now about to expire. Can I get an extension?
It may be possible to extend the validity period of the gift voucher, however, if portrait prices or expenses have gone up since the voucher was issued there may be an extra fee to pay. Please contact Sally for further information or view the pet portrait gift voucher page here.

Do you take Credit Card payments? Unfortunately we cannot take card payments at this time. all payments will need to be made by either cash, cheque or PayPal. PayPal payment will incur a 3.6% surcharge.

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