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Film Scanning

If you are unable to arrange a photoshoot with Sally for your pet portrait and do not have access to a digital camera you can now send Sally your 35mm or medium format negatives. These can then be scanned and if the quality of the images is good enough a portrait can be created from them. All negatives will be returned once scanned. See Photo Submission for more details.

Special Offers

Free dog frisbee with every pet portrait commission while stocks last.

Seasonal Ideas

Why not turn your pet cards into Birthday cards?

Pet Portrait Stories 2

This was the first portrait I sold. After completing the portrait of my dog Brac for my father-in-law I thought I would see if I could create one of my friends horse, Kate. Having sorted through my photos of her I finally selected one and created this portrait. I then sent it to my friend by e-mail for an opinion and she instantly replied asking if she could buy one. I sold it to her for a nominal free just to cover the cost of the mount. It was this sale that made me realise there was a market for such portraits.

To read previous Pet Portrait Stories just visit my Blog or find them located through my site.

Pet Portraits by Sally Jane


Portrait Sizes & Prices


Portrait sizes

  1. Standard Landscape and portrait format images are mounted to fit in a 14x11 inch frame (36x28 cm).
  2. Standard Square format images are mounted to fit in a 12 inch (30cm) frame.
  3. Large Landscape and portrait format images are mounted to fit in a 20x16 inch frame.
  4. Large Square format images are mounted to fit in a 40x40cm frame.
  5. Acrylic plaques are 25x20cm and 2cm thick.

The shape depends on the subject and how well it fits in either a square or rectangular frame.
All pet portraits are sold mounted and ready to frame. Frames shown on this web page are for illustrative purposes only.

Price Guide

Exclusive and Non Exclusive Pet Portraits

Non exclusive service. The image(s) may be reused for sale as a stock image for prints, on greetings cards, calendars or other such merchandise. For this reason they are 1/3rd cheaper than the full exclusive price.

Exclusive service. This means that the image will not be used for sale to any person other than the initial client. The image may however be used on the Sally Jane web site or in advertising literature.

Copyright in either case will remain the property of Sally Jane Turner.